Who We Are

Eight out of 1000 babies will be born with a defective heart. That’s more than those children born with Down syndrome or spina bifida. The Fischerkellers would like to see that number drop to zero. That is why they started Rock for the Heart. More than a memorial to their teenage son who suddenly succumbed to Wolff-Parkinson-White syndrome, the family’s goal is to support research to determine what causes these defects and develop better procedures to safely correct them. Funds that are raised will go to selective research studies, which have those goals in mind.

The fund’s Physician Advisory Council consists of well-respected cardiologists who review proposals and grant money to those research efforts which adhere to the goals set by our mission statement.

The time and maintenance of this webpage has been donated by friends and supporters who stand with the Fischerkellers and doctors working to eventually find a cure for congenital heart disease.

Originally called the Mattthew P. Fischerkeller Memorial Fund, the Fischerkeller family decided Rock for the Heart was a more fitting name as a tribute to their musically-talented son who’s spirit and love will continue to help others through this non-profit organization.